About our sessions

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

Each photoshoot has a fixed session fee. This price covers our time, with each session lasting between one and three hours.

For Environmental session (Equine & outdoor family/pet sessions) our session fee is £150
For Studio, our session fee is £60

This price covers our time, travel within a 30-mile radius of FK11, Expertise, and award-winning editing from Chloe Brown Photography on the best photos from your session (Each session will have between 25–40 images to choose from) Editing for each session can take us around 50 hours, ensuring each image becomes a work of art.

We are a qualified, canine first aid certified and insured photography business who specialize in equine and pet photography, taking pride in the quality of work we offer our clients

Note, the session fee covers our time, travel and post-production of images only. No products are included in this price

Do you offer payment plans?

Orders over £300 will be eligible for our 6-month payment plans, making spreading the cost of your artwork easier than ever!
A 30% deposit is taken upon the design appointment - the remaining balance can be spread over six months. If you wish to use our payment plan, please don't hesitate to let us know on the discovery call.

How much are the products?

We take great pride in the labs we have hand-picked to create the artwork for our clients!
Using the best materials and fine art paper, our products are handmade in the UK.

We offer a wide range of Wall art to suit all tastes, as well as fine art prints and folio boxes.

Our prints start from £70 each, printed on museum grade fine art pearl paper with a lifetime guarantee of 100 years.

Our wall art starts from £300, using a variety of materials to create breathtaking pieces. From classic moulded frames using ethically sourced wood to printing directly on metal.

We offer collections of print and wall art bundles which can be bespoke to each client starting at £550
Digital only bundles are also available of five or more images.

Each psychical product purchased will come with the matching digital file.

Do you offer digital files?

We offer packages of five or more digital files if purchased on their own.

All products will come with the matching digital copy - suitable for you to print and share online with friends and family
I encourage all of my clients to purchase at least one piece of artwork. Being able to take something away with you that you can hold and display in your home has more impact than seeing it on a screen

Discounts are available for single digital copies when prints or wall art is purchased

Photoshoots for Dogs

My dog won't sit still / is nervous / reactive.. will this be an issue?

Not at all! During your discovery call we'll ask you about your dog/s what they love, treats, toys and what their personality is like
Each photoshoot is catered around individual pets - we take as much time as your dog needs to settle, whether this be in the studio or at one of our outdoor sessions. If they require a little distance, we'll use photography gear that allows us to work with them without being close. If they are reactive to other dogs or people, we will discuss locations during your discovery call that will be stress-free and quiet for them.

Do you Photograph XL Bully types?

We welcome all dog breeds - With the new XL Bully guidelines, your dog will be required to be on a lead during their session as well as muzzled when photographing in public areas at all times. Your dog will be required to stay on a lead while in the studio.

What do I need to bring with me?

Firstly, remember your dog!
For both outdoor and studio sessions, we recommend you bring:
- your dog's favourite treats or toy
- Extra water
- Poo bags!
- towels for outdoor sessions, especially during wetter seasons or sessions that will be close to water

Having an extra pair of hands can really help when getting your dog to "pose" for the camera, so if you have a willing family member or friend to help out during your session, this is a big bonus!

I have more than one dog / would like to get the family involved

We do not limit how many dogs can be included in your session - our current record is 19 dogs in one sitting!
If you have more than one dog, we encourage you to bring them along!
If you wish for the whole family to be involved please let us know during your discovery call, this way we can guide you on outfits, and it will help us with planning your session

Photoshoots for Horses

I cant travel with my horse, can the photoshoot be done at our yard?

Yes! During your discovery call, we'll discuss what sort of facilities your yard has to accommodate setting up our pop up studio. 90% of sessions we will set this up either in an indoor arena or stable block - please let the other liveries / yard manager know that a photoshoot will be taking place, so there is little interference, and we can plan around schedules.

Can I ride during my photoshoot?

If you wish to ride during your session, you are more than welcome to! If the photoshoot is located at your yard we will discuss the best hacking routes in your area for a more scenic setting outside your arena or fields Please note, if you do decide to ride without a helmet - you do so at your own risk

How should I get my horse ready?

Please make sure your horse is clean, and groomed. If you decide to bathe your horse, we recommend doing this the day before to allow time to dry (a wet horse won't make for a good photo!)

It's up to you how you want to present your horse, whether they're plaited or not - you have full control of how you turn them out.

If you will be using your bridle during the session, please make sure the leather has been cleaned and straps are in their keepers

I have more than one horse / would like to get the family involved

Same applies to our dog sessions - we do not limit the amount of subjects at our sessions, just let us know during your discovery call how many horses will be involved and if you are planning to get family shots also! Horses take longer to photograph than dogs, so knowing how many horses will be photographed will help us plan your session day

If you have further questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch